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1918 Buick 6-45




David Dunbar Buick made a fortune on a patent. As a plumber and a tireless innovator he figured out how to join metal with ceramics. We call it enamel today and yes it's this guy's idea. By selling this patent he gets 100 000 dollars which is enough to found in 1903 up until recently the oldest car manufacturing company in the US - Buick. His second achievement was his designed and patented OHV valvetrain. This concept lasted Buick throughout the whole it's history. Just to recap OHV means that valves are in cylinder head where as cam in engine block. By this car's year of manufacture Mr. Buick no longer owns his company. A year after it's funding it had been bought by Mr. James Whiting later taken over by notorious William Crapo Durant. He integrated the Buick automaker into his imperium known as General Motors - GM. The only previous owner of the car was Mr. Eugen Bohne from South Elgin, Illinois. Eugen has retired and still owns a few other cars. He initially did't trust us as he firmly believed he was a victim of scammers from the East. Our charming English persuaded him about the opposite and we learnt from him how close his business is to our's. He spent over twenty years in a rail museum near his home. Among other things the fact that his car would be in a museum was the right strategy to change Eugene's mind. The car is an example of when you treat old things with love and respect they last.