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 The museum in Nova Bystrice is the first and the biggest museum of American automobiles in Czechia. Not many premises are as suitable for walking through the history as much as an old abandoned textile factory. We gave it a new life and now it has become a factory for your dreams... Without further ado welcome to the times where cars were taking their baby steps, in bounteous times of massive bodyworks, eras of fast sports cars, legendary machines. The Museum in Nova Bystrice is offering you a journey through time, a retrospective view into the past attempting to capture the great leap taken by this industry in the last one hundred years. Feel the mood with the scent of dust and gas, gravel roads and still Wild West. Indulge in the evening's atmosphere of lights in Manhattan of the 50's. Become part of the hippie culture of the 60's... Relax in comfy chairs in each hall and enjoy the view of the machines which long ago cruised the streets so distant. Our parking place is spacious for cars motorbikes or coaches. Try our cafe serving tasty coffee from Honduras or Brazil. Visit our shop with things you won't buy anywhere else. Our children's corner is happy to welcome each visitor.

Enjoy your visit

 Yours, Pavel Janous - museum's author and custodian.