Inquiry a Car in the USA

Are you excited about cars seen in our display? Have you considered the crazy idea of becoming one of us in your age? Sure, no problem we are ready to help. Each year we change our collection and outside of the car business itself where the actual offer you may find here we can also import a car for you. It works very simply. Please send us a message filling the form and don’t hesitate to fill in all the details that are relevant for you. We’ll get back to you.

How does it all work?

Let's get straight to the point. We are able to import a car from any corner of America. Both you and we will try to find a car. You can imagine something like deploying a watchdog on our selected servers in the USA and as soon as a car appears that would interest you, we will let you know. You will know the exact price for import, which depends on the distance of the place of loading from the port and also on the condition of the car and conditions of transport (differences between closed and open transporters). We will also tell you in advance about all fees associated with the import and agree on the financial limit you want to invest in the car. We will respect this during the auction, we will write a contract on mediation and you will send the whole amount to our account on the basis of this contract. After buying or auctioning the car we will do all the work for you and you will just wait for the car to come to Pocernice, to the customs warehouse where you can pick it up. To date, we have imported more than 100 cars, so you can rely on our experience.

Are you interested in buying a car abroad? Write us...
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