Grandpa automobile

and his friends

You are entering to the hall, which is the oldest part of our factory. Actually this is not a hall in its expected form, this is a connecting passage. A long time ago heavy carts with blankets were pushed here along marked lines on the floor. Yes, with blankets and those lines you can find until present days. This factory was a textile factory. By the meaning of the oldest part of our factory, you can find here the oldest cars from our collection. Nearly. We could divide it into a right and left side. Because we have firefighters in our town, they didn´t hesitate to lend us a special historic fire machine. A beautiful horse - pulled fire machine is in great restored condition. It was made in 1874 and up to these days is in functional condition with performance 40 gallons a minute.

In scenic view “old barn find” you can see a dream of all collectors. Simply beautiful old car, in original condition, which was found in a shape as the previous owner let it be. Each collector is dreaming about this moment and you can feel this occasion of a rebirth an old piece of history on your own skin. And on the opposite side? is our little treasure. The original Ford Model T from the brass era, before starting a machinery production of millions “Tin Lizzis”, as old Fords were nicknamed... For more information see below. Behind the entrance to the cinema there is an interactive corner – a really big crankshaft, which you can turn around or to guess how many pistons and connecting rods are running on it.

Ford T Speedster 1912

It is the first thing which you can see after the entrance to the museum. And that was so close and it wouldn´t have been here and we couldn´t tell its great story. A beautiful white Ford T from the 1912. When we created a concept of our museum, I knew exactly where his place of honor will be. This brass era brought many gorgeous, bodywork styled cars from world knows manufacturers, who are not on the world market. A lot of cars do not exist anymore and many Oldtimers are being taken care of by their owners and they are sleeping in air-conditioned garages and hardly ever you can see them with your own eyes. We want to share this beauty. We hope that Mr. Adolf Branald wouldn´t be angry with us, that we borrowed that poetic term, because this is really a Grandpa Automobile. Come and read his story and we promise you will be very surprised. Before Henry Ford started in Highland Park at 7 October 1913 his legendary assembly line, his customers could enjoy his manufacture produced cars. One of them we would like to introduce – a legendary T model and even a Speedster type! Two - seater bodywork with spine chassis and wooden floor is powered by the three liters in line four cylinders engine. In contrast to later T types of Ford is here lowered cylinder head to reach a better compression, with possibility to adjust the needle in carburetor, overdrive gearbox and the brakes on the rear wheels with bigger diameters. 


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The soul of our museum - Ford T 1912, model Speedster

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