Lincoln Land

! First time this year !

We make our dreams come true.  Slowly, carefully, we took a bite out of one of our museum's biggest challenges.  It's been a long time since we decided and now we are taking the first steps.  Our dream is to be one of the largest collector collections of a single brand.  Although America was a volcano spewing one brand after another during the boom, years ago we were sure which one was right for us.  We would like to show you  a very large family of Lincoln cars in the Nova Bystrice Museum.  The carmaker, named by founder Henry M. Leland after 16th US President Abraham Lincoln, enchanted us with both its turbulent history and its beautiful, luxurious cars.  

Lincoln is a Fords showcase that was acquired a few years after its founding in 1922. Already with the first models, Lincoln attracted the rich class of America. Majestic cars with custom bodies, powerful eight and twelve-cylinder engines, combined with proven quality, that was the right recipe for the carmaker's success.  There was no lack of customers and it is no surprise when looking at the shapes and advanced solutions of the bodies.  Sit in one of the comfortable armchairs in the hall dedicated exclusively to the Lincoln brand and watch with us the automotive progress of this company.  Lincoln in the Nová Bystřice Museum - a ride in the most luxurious class...

We have chosen for you

Continental Mark IV

The car comes from Connecticut, from quiet town Orange. It inherited its name after Prince William III, who used the title prince from Orange and this is connection to sovereignty of possession principality of Orange in South France. Where did such a name roamed, didn´t it? Previous owner student Kevin Thomas is a relative of engineer, who worked on the construction building of the sculpture, which you well know from the Liberty Island. Yes, we mean the Statue of Liberty. Grandfather Mr. John Frederic cooperated on the construction of the statue and he is captured on many photographs printed for example in the New York Historical Society magazines, on what refer Mr. Kevin...  And what about the Continental? In the year 1922 Mr. Ford bought the whole Lincoln division. He paid 8 million Dollars and this mark he used for a luxury part of his production. Mr. Edsel, son of Mr. Ford had from the director position build in 1939 a car with custom bodywork. He used a chassis from the Lincoln Zephyr and the car has been called Lincoln Continental I and it was a ground for the whole Continental family. The name Continental refers to a European, so continental’s cars. IN the 1965 was the name promoted to a self division, which come with a legendary Continental Mark II. This one is exhibited in our museum as well. In 1956 was the whole division Continental absorbed by the Lincoln and model Mark III, Mark IV from 1958 and 1959 you could to buy under the Lincoln mark and under the Continental as well. The differences wasn´t big, they were mostly in roof and rear window area. Our car is marked like the Continental.


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Called "white whale" - probably it is clear why :)

Who wouldn't want to ride such a beautiful car...

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