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Ford T Speedster 1912


The soul of our museum - Ford T 1912, model Speedster

It is the first thing which you can see after the entrance to the museum. And that was so close and it wouldn´t have been here and we couldn´t tell its great story. A beautiful white Ford T from the 1912. When we created a concept of our museum, I knew exactly where his place of honor will be. This brass era brought many gorgeous, bodywork styled cars from world knows manufacturers, who are not on the world market. A lot of cars do not exist anymore and many Oldtimers are being taken care of by their owners and they are sleeping in air-conditioned garages and hardly ever you can see them with your own eyes. We want to share this beauty. We hope that Mr. Adolf Branald wouldn´t be angry with us, that we borrowed that poetic term, because this is really a Grandpa Automobile. Come and read his story and we promise you will be very surprised. Before Henry Ford started in Highland Park at 7 October 1913 his legendary assembly line, his customers could enjoy his manufacture produced cars. One of them we would like to introduce – a legendary T model and even a Speedster type! Two - seater bodywork with spine chassis and wooden floor is powered by the three liters in line four cylinders engine. In contrast to later T types of Ford is here lowered cylinder head to reach a better compression, with possibility to adjust the needle in carburetor, overdrive gearbox and the brakes on the rear wheels with bigger diameters. 



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