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DeLorean DMC 12 Turbo


Delorean DMC 12 Turbo - one in the whole world

This DeLorean is one of the biggest attractions of our museum. Apart from it's role in the Back to the Future trilogy this car in particular is very exceptional for being one of the two turbo-charged versions where the other car is proven to be forever lost. Up to 1987 it was in possession of the DeLorean company. After 1987 it changed ownership to the company's co-founder and investor Jaroslav Juhan to partly reconciliate his claim. He among other is responsible for the V6 power-train  and co-operation with Lotus. Between 1977 and 2004 it was part of Geneva's Technical Museum display where it was flown to from the USA. In 2004 the car was donated to to a close friend of Jaroslav Juhan. The DeLorean has only 2450km on the clock.

DeLorean can't be mistaken for any other automobile. It's main features are steel gray body made of stainless steel and gull-wing doors.     



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